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  • 08.45

    Welcome Adress
    Luc Foubert, President

  • Perioperative Medicine: Why?
    Chairs: Jean-François Brichant, ULg and Marc Van de Velde, KUL

  • 09.00


    Key role of the anesthesiologist in modern health care
    François Clergue, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 09.40

    Basic science:

    Anesthesia and the ‘Programmed Trauma’?
    A journey in the perioperative inflammatory reaction

    Patrice Forget, UCL

  • 10.20

    Coffee break and visit the exhibition

  • 10.50


    A brief history of anesthesia in Belgium 
    Introduction by Luc Barvais, ULB and Lien Jakus, UCL

  • 11.50

    Every day clinical practice:

    Working according to the Enhanced Recovery Care Pathway 
    Monty G. Mythen, London, UK

  • 12.20

    Introduction of the new President, Awards, Grants and General Assembly
    Luc Foubert, President

  • 12.30

    Lunch and visit of the exhibition

  • Perioperative Medicine: From theory to practice? (Ethics and Economy)
    Chairs: Patrick Wouters, UGent and Mona Momeni, UCL

  • 14.00

    Running a preoperative evaluation consultation
    Audrey Pospiech, UCL

  • 14.20

    Risk stratification: From the ASA classification to the multivariate prediction models
    Yannick Le Manach, Hamilton, Canada

  • 14.40

    From pre-operative risk stratification to failure to rescue
    Stefan De Hert, UGent

  • 15.00

    Roundtable: Has “safetyfirst” tobe revisedtoincludeperioperative medicine? From safety to safety and quality first
    Moderators: Marc De Kock, UCL,  Dirk Himpe, ZNA, Eric Deflandre, St Luc and Patrick Wouters, UZ Gent