Simultaneous Translation Dutch - French is provided. 

  • 09.00

    Session A
    Chairs: Lucie Choustoulakis (VUB) and Arnaud Steyaert (UCL)

  • 09.00

    The nurses’ roles in an anherance recorvery protocol
    Brigitte Crispin, UCL

  • 09.30

    Nurse based Fast Track Cardiac Surgery
    Koen Demeulemeester, UZ Leuven

  • 10.00

    Why and how Enhanced Recovery Protocol (ERP) for abdominal surgery
    Anthony De Buck Van Overstraeten (UZLeuven)

  • 10.30

    Coffee Break

  • 11.00

    Chair: Gregory Hans (ULiege) 

  • 11.00

    Complications in enhanced recovery programs
    Piet Wyffels (UGent) 

  • 11.30

    Managing pain in enhanced recovery programs
    Christine Sneyers (VUB)