Dear Residents (Past, Current and Future)

You are really important for the future of our medical specialty in Belgium.

For this very reason, the SARB (the society that promotes Anesthesiology as a medical science) organizes a yearly event dedicated to honor your enthusiasm and commitment before and during your residency: the ‘Graduation Meeting’.

During this ‘Graduation Meeting’, you will get the unique opportunity to share your scientific work (Masterworks, abstracts presented at international congresses, resident work) not only with your colleagues of other universities but also with the anesthesiologists from hospitals, your potential future employers.

On this occasion, a number of prizes will be awarded to the various competitors including the brave one who submitted case reports for the new electronic section of the Acta Anasthesiologica Belgica.

Practical professional information will be provided and the various societies aiming at promoting anesthesia in Belgium will be present.

Finally, a welcome ceremony for those of you who enter the real world of Anesthesiology either as a new resident or a graduate will conclude this day.

Vincent Bonhomme - SARB President