The Board of Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium (SARB), in collaboration with the Editorial Board of the Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica (AAB), is proud to announce launching of a new communication tool among the Belgian anesthesiology community: the ‘Short Clinical Observation REports’ (SCORE).

This new tool aims at providing clinicians with the opportunity to share interesting clinical observations with colleagues, within the domain of anesthesia and intensive care. Communication will occur through the online publication of short reports, directly on the SARB website ( Access to each published SCORE will be free. To accelerate the publication process, and make communication quicker, proposed reports will not go through a classical peer-review. They will only be submitted to English editing by one of the members of the Editorial Board of the AAB. As a consequence, online published SCORE will not appear in official issues of the AAB, and will not be referenced in PubMed. The responsibility of the SCORE content will be left to the SCORE authors. Selection of published SCORE will be made by the Editorial Board of the AAB, based on relevance and originality.

Proposed SCORE should be sent by email to the electronic address, in the form of an attached Word file. The email should clearly mention that the proposed material is submitted for SCORE publication, and that all authors agree to its content. Case reports that have already been published in any journal are acceptable as a SCORE, provided that the text is entirely rewritten, and that authorization has been obtained from the concerned journal to publish a digest of this report. Texts should not exceed a total length of 1500 words, and should not contain more than two tables and/or two figures. The total number of references is also limited to 10, and their format should comply with the AAB requirements that can be found on the SARB website (Guide_to_contributors_2012.pdf). Proposed structure of submitted text includes the observation itself, a short discussion with regard to existing literature, and a conclusion. No abstract is necessary. Strict anonymity of patients should always be respected.

Noteworthy, classical Case Reports are still welcome for publication in the AAB, and their submission should occur through the AAB Editorial Manager website, namely Those Case Reports will go through classical peer-review process. If accepted for publication, they will appear in an issue of the AAB, and will be referenced in PubMed.

On behalf of the Board of the SARB, and of the Editorial Board of the AAB, we would like to thank in advance future contributors to this new communication tool. We are convinced that these rapid communications are of benefit to the entire anesthesiology community.


Marc DE KOCK                   
SARB President Elect
Project Initiator                                                 

SARB President

SARB Board Member
AAB Editor-in-Chief