From the early beginning of modern anesthesia in our country, the SARB was at your side organizing scientific meetings, supporting the education of residents, promoting research, as well as editing the “Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica”. These challenges and our contribution to important consensus meetings inspired us to achieve our goals in patient care, education and research.

Today, your Society intends to further support you in the practice of our medical specialty. We will continue to provide you with information and postgraduate learning opportunities, but we intend to do so in a much more interactive way. This site is yours: do not hesitate to submit opinions, comments and material of interest.

As you know, anesthesia is broadening its scope to perioperative medicine. This may have an important impact on our daily practice. For this reason, during the months preceding our annual meeting, we will focus on the topic: what does perioperative medicine mean for a Belgian anesthesiologist today? At our annual meeting we will try to provide you with some answers to this question.

Prof. Vincent Bonhomme

Survey Covid-19 patients managed in the OR's of Belgian hospitals

Dear Colleagues,

In this time of COVID-19 outbreak, the Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium (SARB) would like to register the COVID-19 cases that are managed in the OR’s of Belgian Hospitals, including C-sections. For that purpose, we would like to ask you to fill in the following questionnaire (one questionnaire for each managed patient, a downloadable version can be found at the following link), with as much information as available, paying attention to strictly respect patient anonymity. In order to link data to a particular patient anonymously, we ask you to attribute a reference number to each patient, using the following format: institution abbreviation followed by order number (e. g. first patient of CHR Citadelle Liege: chrliege1). Your personal data will also remain confidential, and the results will not be publicly available until this publication does not bypass official communication by hospitals. We will, however, need a contact person for each Institution participating into the study. This is the reason why we ask for a contact email address at the beginning of the survey. Should a publication emanate from the analysis of collected data, that contact person will be associated as a co-author of the publication.

Please note that the protocol of this multi-centric survey has been approved by the ‘Comité d’Ethique Hospitalo-Facultaire, Cliniques Saint Luc’, Brussels. The official approval can be found at the following link, as well as the protocol of the study and certificate of insurance. Personal data protection and ethics require that we obtain consent from the patients to dispose of their data. Due to the current difficult circumstances of the outbreak, and the difficulty of obtaining written consent, oral consent by the patient has been exceptionally authorized by the Ethics Committee. A guide on how to inform the patients about this can be found at the following link, in Dutch and in French. If you want to participate, we would like you to send us back a signed convention of collaboration, and a signed data transfer agreement. Please note that it is necessary to obtain approval of your local Ethics Committee before starting the study. We will be happy to provide you with all supplementary necessary document the Ethics Committee would request for approval.

The collected data will be of great help to draw the picture of OR implications in such an outbreak situation, and will be meaningful only if a maximum of cases are reported. We thank you a lot for your help in achieving this in these troubled times, and remain at your disposal for any questions or concerns regarding this survey.

The SARB Board

Link to the online questionnaire: https://na.eventscloud.com/esurvey/index.php?surveyid=84500




MSD - Major Sponsor SARB 

December 5, 2020
Live Webcast 'Focus on Post-operative Pulmonary Complications'

The programme is available here

Accreditation has been requested.

MSD - Major Sponsor SARB 

eLearning from the Live Webcast: Focus on Low Impact Surgery and Anesthesia in Laparoscopy

The programme is available here

Follow the eLearning here

SARB recommendations for the anesthetic management of patients suspected of being infected or infected by the new coronavirus initially named 2019-nCoV

(last update: 3/04/ 2020 17:30)

BAPA recommendations for the management of COVID-19 pediatric patients

(last update: 30/03/ 2020 14:00)


Dear Colleague,

We would like you to consider participating in the BlueBerry study. This academic study, on the initiative of Pr Habré, University of Geneva, will analyze the safety profile of dexamethasone after tonsillectomy in children compared to placebo. We are currently submitting this study to our Ethics Committee, as well as to the Belgian authorities. In that, we can act as National Coordinator for this study. If you would like to participate in this study, please send us an email with your contact details as soon as possible before March 10th. We can then include your center in the submission. Please refer to the leaflet available here for further information.

Please send your mail to: françoise.degroote@huderf.be, who will act as National Coordinator.

Do not send an email to the Swiss center as they will not handle the submission in Belgium.

Best regards,

Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

In light of the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), WFSA has uploaded a new resource outlining safety guidelines for anaesthesia and perioperative care providers. This resource will be updated if and when more information becomes available. Please find more information here

Honor to Philippe Baele: Twenty Years of Collaboration Between Belgium and Benin in Training Anesthesiologists for Africa

Syndromes & rare diseases in Pediatrics: Anesthesia

Syndromes et maladies rares en anesthésie pédiatrique

Very important website in emergency situations when there is few time to go through the literature to find which could be the anesthetic implications of a syndrome or a rare condition presented by a pediatric patient.

English Website

French Website


Graag informeren wij u over het feit dat de opdruk op de Durogesic pleisters voor transdermaal gebruik is aangepast; de pleisters zullen een gekleurde rand bevatten. De pleisters met het nieuwe ontwerp zullen beschikbaar zijn op de markt vanaf eind november. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

On tient à vous signaler que l'impression figurant sur les dispositifs transdermiques Durogesic a été adaptée ; les patchs comporteront dorénavant un bord coloré.
Les nouveaux patchs adaptés seront disponibles sur le marché dès la fin novembre. Cliquez-ici.



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